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STAFF - Chris, Portage

The treatment I received from everyone while a patient was spectacular. Hard to believe I actually "looked forward" to going to the doctor but I did! I sincerely appreciate everyone's kindness.

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MASSAGE - Pat, Portage

I recently had the opportunity to get a much needed massage with Krissy at the Skin Care Center at Plastic Surgery of Kalamazoo. I was very pleased with the 1 1/2 hr massage. My back seems to be my trouble area, and Krissy took the extra time and effort needed to correct the problem. The surroundings are clean, comfortable and private and Krissy was personable and very professional. Thanks for a very relaxing and therapeutic experience. It was great.

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EYELID SURGERY - Three testimonials from

My husband had a strange growth on his lower eye lid. He was referred to Dr. Nave and thank God he was. It turned out to be a carcinoma and Dr. Nave removed all of it at Bronson Hospital. His staff and him were very caring and we never felt "rushed through" at any appointments. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nave.

The overall experience was excellent. He is an excellent surgeon and I recommend him to anyone!! I have been so happy with the results and the outcome. – RR

Dr. Nave is the best. – Beth

Everything about the entire experience [with Dr. Messinger] was easy and I would go to him again!

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STAFF - Lynn, Marshall, MI

Thank you for all of your help during this process. My husband, Andy and I really appreciate all the guidance and assistance you have given us. Julie, your receptionist, has also been very helpful and supportive. I have been in many physician and surgeon's offices and I can tell already how efficient and patient oriented your office is run.